Spiral Boncuk Örme Teknikleri(Ruffles and Curls in Peyote Stitch

2007-03-20 01:25:00

Ruffles and Curls in Peyote Stitch Use These Peyote Stitch VariationsTo Add Dimension To Your Beadwork Print PageHere are some great ways to vary your Peyote Stitch beadwork by adding ruffles and curls. First project: Peyote stitch ruffles: Peyote Ruffles Peyote Stitch ruffles are covered in detail in Carol Wilcox Wells' book Creative Beadweaving, a must-have book for every beader.The technique is simple. First make a Peyote stitch base. This can be the edge of a piece of otherwise completed work or it may be added to a 3 or 4 row starter section of beadwork, using either Tubular Peyote Stitch or Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch. Instead of beginning a new row by adding one bead, add two. Continue adding two beads in each space where only one would normally be added until the end of the row. For each row after the first, add two beads in each space and go through the two beads added in the previous row. Basically, this causes the Peyote stitch to increase very, very fast. There is no room for so many beads, so they begin to ruffle up very quickly. Keeping the tension very tight makes keeping control of the beadwork much easier. Here is a picture of what it looks like with 5 rows of flat peyote and 3 ruffle rows. Corkscrew Make a corkscrew by beginning with a single strand of beads as a base and immediately begin adding two beads at a time. Just give it a little twist and it will naturally fall into a corkscrew shape. Here's what it looks like with yellow and red transparent size 14/0 beads. Netted Ruffles You can also make netted ruffles, this method is sometimes called the Oglala Butterfly stitch. This is another one from Horace Goodhue's book Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns. To start, string on as many beads as it takes to make the desired length, making sure to use a multiple of three. The beadwork may be tied in a circle or left flat, depending on the bead pattern. Pick up three beads, skip two in the base row and go through th... Devamı